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The process for finding my guest for this week’s Just Talking was pretty simple – @DMLFury was the most recent person in my twitter feed with a twitter post. Based solely on what I knew of Drew Leachman from Twitter, I figured an hour long conversation wouldn’t be too difficult. Turns out I was right. A fair warning to potential listeners, we went pretty heavy on the video game talk this week. From favorite fighting games to what goes into a video game review, we cover the industry front to back. That said, this was an excellent recording session and I’m looking forward to your feedback on this one.

Joining me this week is Drew Leachman. Drew writes for the video game website ZTGameDomain.com and is a podcasting veteran of four years so this podcast is pretty heavy on the video game lingo. We talk about his affinity for fighting games and his approach to reviewing video games, a topic that fueled a more philosophical discussion revolving around video game reviews. We finish our talk with some football back-and-forth, both college and professional. Every week is a new adventure and this one is no different on Just Talking. Enjoy.

Run Time – 1:03:46

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