These Guys Are Handy

I have a very timely guest on my podcast this week. After weeks of blog posts highlighting different projects around my condo, I reached out to one a frequent commenter on those types of posts – The Handyguys. Brian and Paul have their own podcast over at (as of this post they are up to 114 episodes). Ironically, I waited until the last 10 minutes of the podcast to ask them about my own home improvement projects but we fill the hour with a lot of good talk about their own show, helping out people affected by Hurricane Katrina, and Stephen Strasburg. It’ll all make sense once you give it a listen.

Just Talking – Episode 34: These Guys Are Handy

I welcome “The Handyguys” Brian and Paul on my podcast this week. While not carpenters or electricians or anything like that by trade, their years of experience have been the backbone of their website, podcast and growing fanbase. Brian and Paul spend an hour with me talking about various aspects of their podcast from the format to the few instances of “hate” or overly enthusiastic constructive criticism. They’ve also done lots of work rebuilding homes affected by Hurricane Katrina. Trust me, they have some very interesting stories to tell about that one.

You can check out The Handyguys Podcast at


Run Time – 1:05:43

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