A Fresh Chapter

Terri Wingham, Founder and Executive Director of the Fresh Chapter Alliance Foundation is my guest this week. We discuss Terri’s battle with breast cancer and her journey to understanding what it means to be a survivor. We also discuss Medicine X, why she applied to be a presenter, and she shares a memorable encounter from the conference. Most importantly, we discuss A Fresh Chapter, why Oprah unknowingly gets an assist for its origins, and what Terri has planned for the coming months. Enjoy.

Follow Terri on Twitter at @terriwingham and @afreshchapter.

And as mentioned, go to afreshchapter.com for more information on upcoming volunteer opportunities in Los Angeles and India.

Run Time – 1:00:18

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One comment

  1. So great catching up with you! Thanks for helping share the A Fresh Chapter story and reach more cancer survivors who are looking for a unique way to start fresh. Keep dreaming audaciously my friend! Terri

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