About the DiabetesMine Innovation Summit

This week is all about the DiabetesMine Innovation Summit. After completing its fourth year of gathering a wide range of perspectives to talk about the future of diabetes care, Amy Tenderich, editor in chief of DiabetesMine sets the stage for the rest of the podcast. Also featured are three recipients of scholarships to attend the summit – Neal Ulrich, Rosy Karna, and Cooper Galvin – their takeaways from the day-long summit, and their perspective on including the patient in health care conversations. Enjoy.

Special thanks to all of my guests:

  • Neal Ulrich – nmulrich at stanford dot edu
  • Rosy Karna – rkarna at stanford dot edu
  • Cooper Galvin – coopgalv at stanford dot edu

For more information about the DiabetesMine Innovation Summit, visit diabetesmine.com, check out the presentations from the summit on Slideshare, and see the DiabetesMine Patient Voices 2014 video.

Run Time – 1:11:34

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