With Tina Ghosn

Tina Ghosn joins me this week to talk about raising three children with type 1 diabetes, understanding the difference between teenage angst and a low or high blood sugar, the recent decision by Animas to select Medtronic as the sole option for people transitioning off of their insulin pumps, and Jimmy Kimmel.

Follow Tina on her blog, Stick With It Sugar and on Twitter @momof2T1s.

Run Time – 43:11

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One comment

  1. This is great! I love the part about needing to know not everyone is a “little champion” and you’re not alone if you’re shut up in a room playing x box. ❤

    However, I eat candy corn all at once. Even though it's an "organized candy." You guys REALLY eat them as three separate sections?

    The tapping noise didn't bother me.

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