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Last week my guest introduced his cat to the podcast. This week I’m joined by jounalist, diabetes blogger and cool guy Mike Hoskins (and his dog for a moment). We spend the podcast discussing his diagnosis and being raised by a parent with type 1 diabetes. There’s also plenty of talk of his entry and career path through the field of journalism. If you listen carefully there’s also some hints to an on again, off again book he is writing. We finish the conversation with Zombies, Nintendo and puppies. Because that’s normal for a podcast.

Keep up with Mike on his blog at The Diabetic’s Corner Booth and on Twitter @MHoskins2179. Enjoy.

Run Time – 53:36

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  1. I really enjoyed this episode. For some reason, the conversation felt a little more, well, conversational. Good job outta the both of ya.

  2. Judi Hoskins · · Reply

    You could name this podcast “The Mom Really Isn’t Satisfied With Just a Granddog”

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